Friday, October 25, 2013

Martha Stewart makes some Cakes in Toronto

Day 1 of the Delicious Food Show started with a huge crowd of women ready to see Chef Chuck Hughes.  Once again Chuck had a little fun with the audience even with his mom in the front row of the crowded audience.  As Chuck calls it he warmed up the crowd for Martha Stewart.   While Martha Stewart isn't no where as much fun as Chuck Hughes she did create some mouth watering desserts from her new Cake cookbook.  Whipping up a Raspberry Cheesecake, Coffee Cake and a Baked Alaska all in an hour while making it all look pretty with the help of her assistant but the domestic Diva was all hands on deck compared to the Roaming, charming Chuck Hughes.   There was such a big crowd for Martha that I was relegated to standing in the back row so I didn't get a lot of great shots while she was baking but I tried to get a few while she was signing her new book.  She was in such a huge demand that when I went to pick up the new book it was already sold out.  That's a good turn out for a 1st day for sure.
Chef Mark McEwan was up after Martha Stewart with his Bymark Chef Brooke.  Chef Mark is somewhere in between Chuck and Martha where he is all business but can crack a joke at the same time.  He turned out 3 delicious looking dishes.  Too bad we didn't get to sample any of them.  I asked him if he would ever have a food truck, his answer was "Definetely Not".

Here are some of the snaps I took with one of my cameras on Day 1.  I shot some with my Ipad and another camera and will post some of those later.

I will be back at the show again for Day 2 because I will be helping out Cheesworks with one of their Chef's Table presentations as part of some of my fellow Gastroposters are helping out with some of the workshops at the Chef's table and Seminars.   I will take a few more pics tomorrow and do another wrap up after that.

But in the meantime check out these pics from some of the stuff I checked out today.

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