Friday, July 26, 2013

Storing fruits & Vegetables - save the waste

Harvesting and storing home garden vegetables : Garden : University of Minnesota Extension

I picked up some fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market today and most of it is already ripe to the point of it not lasting very long.  I was looking for info on how to store cucumbers.  I always end up quick pickling them or throwing them out  and also things like lettuce and spinach.   I think most people end up throwing out half of their food because nobody really knows how to store things to make them last longer.  I think this is something kids should be taught in school.   We all waste way too much food.  I haven't been home much and decided to make a salad today with the fresh stuff I bought at the market but then proceeded to go through the fridge and find a whole bunch of other fruits and vegetables that were already rotten.

I am thinking that maybe I should create a workshop for people to learn how to store foods besides freezing and pickling.

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