Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eat Up TO -hot summer food event.

I  have been super busy working a couple of different jobs lately and I haven't had time to do much food blogging but I wanted to do a post about this event that I went to recently.  

It was a new foodie event in the Liberty Village sort of area at 99 Sudbury Ave.   It was presented by Now Magazine and it was called EAT UP TO.   It was a pretty small event as food events go.  The thing that I wasn't fond of was the $20 entrance fee but I think that went to charity.. at least I hope so.   There really wasn't a whole lot of actual food there.   There was molecular gastronomy,  Olive oils, drinks,  services and social media apps and things that relate to food.  I had a couple of things and left to try and make it to another event in Markham but I never made it to that one because of our great Toronto Traffic and construction combo.  There were a few interesting things but I think I would have been able to try more interesting foods if I had gone to the other event.   I think Toronto is getting to the point where there are too many foodie events at the same time.   Maybe someone should invent a master calendar so that there's always something going on that you can check out.     Overall it was a really hot day and the best thing that I had at this event was the popsicle below and the Blood Orange Orangina.   I left before the fun guy making a Paella was finished otherwise I would have tried that for sure.
The one thing I wish I had gone later for was to hear someone from Gastropost my regular hangout speak about all foodie things in Toronto..     I went when it first opened so I was the first one to test the square payment system.. I couldn't find a bank machine in the area.   So I guess it probably got a lot busier after I left a while later.   Better planing on my part next time...   Oh.. and there were food trucks there as you can see from the pics.... I kinda felt bad for them. .they usually get huge line ups and nobody was lining up...  not a good day in the sun for them...   well I hope to have time for more events soon... but in the meantime i am busy making money to be able to check out all the things going on in this city.

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