Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mexican Fiesta preparations for Food Revolution Day

I have been madly preparing for my
Food Revolution Day
Mexican Fiesta Party for May 17th.

I did a little test batch of Pico de Gallo... ok so I got hungry and had a whole lot of stuff already waiting to go... Now I have to go buy some more so that I can show a bunch of people how to make some on friday.

    Just a little something to tempt you to make some Mexican Food.

I have also been busy making paper flowers to decorate the party.

I am have been madly trying to spread the word and gather my items for the party.

Picking up special food and tools: 

And picking up goodies from my sponsors:

Organizing all the details and letting everyone know:

If you want to reserve one of the last few spots go to this link to RSVP:


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