Friday, May 24, 2013

The Best Fish Tacos in TO

Taco at the Distillery Food Festival

I seem to be on a bit of a Taco kick these days.  It seems as though Tacos are the new trendy food in the City again. There are new authentic restaurants, food trucks, fancy restaurants are even adding their taco versions.   I had my pulled Taco version at my Food Revolution Day event and in my researching or just getting in the mood of the event I have been trying a few different fish tacos in the past few weeks.
I think the reason I eat so many fish tacos when I go out is because of a few reasons.  First, I don't like deep frying food at home.  I never know what to do with the leftover oil and it makes a mess and leaves a long lasting smell that nobody wants to smell.  Second, finding fresh fish when I want it in my area can be tough.  Thirdly, I don't always have the ingredients on hand to whip up a couple of tacos and it really isn't worth it to do all of this for 2 or 3 tacos.  So I will leave it up to the Fish Taco pros to feed my some delicious Crunch Fish Tacos.

Let's start with one of my favourite Fish Tacos from Buster's Sea Cove. Food Truck. The shrimp tacos are amazing but the fish tacos are great too.  It's the light crispy batter and the kick of the hot sauce that gets you on this taco.

The next one I loved was from The One That Got Away on King St.   Three spicy fish tacos served on newsprint paper as seen in this photo.  There was a nice after burn from the sauce on these tacos.  The only thing was they kind of fell apart from the sauce so you need to inhale them quickly.

While I was on my way to the Farmer's Market at Trinity Bellwoods Park I passed The Happy Hooker on Dundas St. W.  I was starving and had some time to kill before the market started so I popped in to try a Cali Baja Taco.  I only had one because I also tried the Shrimp Corn Dog which was delicious.  I would recommend getting 3 of the Cali Baja Tacos because they are very small.

These Tacos came from Hooked I tried this one at their stand at a Farmer's Markets in the city but I have also had it at the Green Living Show in Toronto.

Tacos are kind of quick semi healthy fast food.  They are quick to assemble and eat once you have all the elements in place.   It's the getting the elements right and taking the time to season and cook these elements right that makes the difference.    You can dunk a piece of fish in hot oil and then stick it in a tortilla shell with some lettuce and call it a Taco or you can dip a seasoned piece of fish in a light batter and fry it to perfection and then place it in a fresh made corn tortilla with some special hot sauce, pickled slaw or spicy salsa and cilantro and then you are tasting a Great Taco from where Guy Fieri calls "Flavourtown"   No 2 tacos taste the same.  

What's your favourite taco?

Still on my Taco Bucket list are trying Playa Cabana and the Grand Electric and then there is always a trip to Mexico to taste the original inspiration of the Taco.


  1. The only fish tacos I've tried in Toronto (so far) are the ones from Hooked. They were ok. Nothing to rave about. I did however try fish tacos in Texas a few yrs ago and they were outstanding! I guess if you want tacos made right you must go to where they are authentic.


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