Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Food Share Share's their New Cookbook

I have known about the Food Share Organization for a while now but haven't had an opportunity to attend an event or participate until today.  They are a great local community organization in Toronto providing healthy foods to students and people that need healthy food.  They have many different initiatives and events that they run throughout the year and they do great things to promote heathy food.

The event that I attended was their launch of their First ever Cookbook which was written by Adrienne De Francesco and noted food writer Marion Kane.  It's called SHARE.   

The cookbook's title is appropriate with the recipes being shared by Food Share staff, volunteers and people connected to the organization.

They had samples of some of the food from the cookbook at the event and i got to try a few of the treats.

One of the most popular things was the Potato Latke's which they shared the secret to was in adding whipped egg whites.  I will try this recipe the next time I am craving some potato latkes.   They were delicious and really light and flavourful with the perfect balance of potato and onion and not greasy at all.  I remember my aunts latkes were like lumps of lead and oil slime.  A far cry from these latkes.

Some of the other things I sampled were Bannock which was the first time I have ever tried it.  I have heard about it for a while but haven't had the opportunity to try it.   It was a nice light almost cake like bread.

There was also a Moroccan carrot salad which was super healthy but not overly spiced.
There was also chilli stuffed flauta  a moroccan pasta and rice dish and stuffed zucchini.

It was a lovely event with a nice mix of people and just enough to fill their warehouse space which is used to pack community food boxes which were stacked around the warehouse.
The cookbook seems very culturally diverse from the quick look through that I did when I picked up a copy and I think there are going to be a few recipes that I may attempt for the first time like the Bannock recipe and the Flauta's would make a perfect party appetizer so you never know what recipes might pop up on my blog in the future.

If you get a chance to pick up a copy of Share I would recommend it for the beautiful full glossy pages and outstanding photography in the book and the great snapshot of recipes from a diverse community in Toronto.  And the bonus is that the money from the book will support Food Share initiatives so it's a win win when it comes to buying a cookbook.
I hope to be able to attend other Food Share events in the future.   I always like to support local food initiatives that make a difference to people that need a little help.
Fore more info check out Food Share's Website

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