Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exploding Coke Bottle in my Fridge

I heard a Pop in my kitchen this afternoon and went to look around but didn't see anything out of place and because I live in an apartment building I always hear different noises from around the building so since I didn't see anything I just ignored it.

Around dinner time I was trying to decide between getting take out food and then I thought I should make the leftovers in the fridge and I had just picked up a few groceries so I had some fresh food in the fridge.   I went to dig out my container of Braised Short Ribs that I made the other day and had to pull a few things out of the way to get to it.  Then I noticed that there was some ice on top of the container so I thought that maybe something had frozen and dropped onto it.   I pulled the container out of the fridge and immediately notices some molasses coloured liquid spilled around the container.

The thing is that my fridge has 2 wire shelves so anything that spills will drip down to the bottom of the fridge.

Well guess what... I now had an unplanned cleanup that I now had to do in my fridge all because of 1 tiny little EXPLODING BOTTLE OF DIET COKE.    And the thing about that little bottle of coke is that I didn't even buy it.   It was a bottle that was in my TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) Swag bag that I got for Volunteering in September.   I never buy bottles of Coke but once in a while I will buy cans or a big plastic bottle if I have a party.   I kept these 2 little bottles of Coke in the fridge in case some of my friends came over and wanted a drink.  A few of them drink Diet Coke but I usually just drink water or tea when I am at home.

So I had to take everything out of the fridge and give the whole fridge a wipe down and make sure there weren't any little shards of glass left anywhere.

I had to rethink the way I put things back into the fridge and made sure anything that was ok to be frozen went to the back of the fridge this time where it is obviously the coldest.

The one good thing is that most of the things in my fridge were in sealed containers so I didn't lose any food except the stuff I ended up pulling out like wilted green onions and expired Kim Chi, who knew Kim Chi went bad, I thought it was fermented to last forever, guess not.

I also pulled out some expired other free drinks like coconut water and almond milk...   here's the lesson... Getting Free stuff isn't always a good thing.    I also pulled out a couple of frozen cans of Soda water and coconut water.   I don't drink these things so I guess it was time to clean the fridge of items I don't use.

Well now I am starving since it's now at least an hour later and I don't even want to eat the leftovers.   Think I will play it safe and do take out tonight.

I started off today cleaning the floor in the kitchen and thought I was getting ahead.   I didn't want to cook today because I didn't want to mess up the kitchen and spend the whole day cleaning up.    Well guess Murphy had other plans....

But I suppose the good thing is I now know exactly what's in my fridge and know that nothing is expired and everything has been re organized and hopefully will not be wasted for a while.

It seems to me that over the past few weeks I have realized that having less in my fridge will actually save me money.   Financial advisors say to cook at home but I think I have wasted more money throwing out spoiled food than I have eating out.    #SinglePersonProblems.

And the other point to this whole thing I think was that it made me think... What's Really in these bottles of Coke?   The way it exploded and froze into some solid froth like substance made me wonder what happens when it's in your stomach...   HMMMM... something to think about.  

And that's why I drink water now.

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  1. That's a scary looking bottle. Good thing you saw it early on. Imagine if the glass got into food that may have been left uncovered...Eeek!


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