Monday, December 5, 2011

Cheesy fun shapes

My favourite breakfast consists of some sort of bread and some sort of cheese.
One of my most favourite is currently Talleggio Cheese on a Baguette. Crunchy/smooth goodness.

I had a little fun with my grilled cheese bread this morning when I took it out of the toaster oven it kind of looked like a dog or some sort of animal so I took a photo. I didn't do this on purpose but it made me think about fun with cheese. I love cheese and could eat it everyday but what if you have kids that aren't crazy about it like me. My mother was raised in Belgium so there was always cheese in my house. My mother didn't eat peanut butter so I suppose cheese was like our peanut butter. My lunch was cheese in an Italian Bun. If you cut me I would probably ooze cheese.

So if your kids aren't cheese lovers yet but you want them to appreciate a good cheese then try different kinds and try melting them onto toast in funny shapes and let them play with their cheese and cut shapes and see how they melt. Make it a game and let them play and experiment. Try creamy brie cheese or hard parmesan cheese but try different kinds as everyone has a particular taste for different types of cheese. Have them play grown up and give them a fancy plate of cheese and have them comment on each one and give them grape juice or something and let them play a fancy kids version of a wine and cheese party. Make it fun and the kids will probably be on board.

No kids like me...just have cheesy fun with your friends. I started a new tradition last year that I am doing again this year by having a Wine and Cheese Open House party between Christmas and New Years. I started this as a way to get single friends and friends without family around in between the 2 big holidays just to feel like they can chill and have some fun. And is an easy way to have a party. Just get a few wines, a few kinds of cheese, some great breads and crackers and maybe some veggie accompaniments and some sweet things and you have a fun and casual get together.

So whether you are a kid or a grown up have some fun with Cheese.


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