Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mobile Foodie Heaven

A Foodie's dream of an Event happened at the Distillery this past weekend. What was it? Food Truck Eats. What's that? It's the best kind of fast food or Mobile food you can find. Food trucks are a new trend that seems to be sweeping America. There is a new show called Eat St. and another show hosted by Bobby Flay that has different food trucks competing against each other for a big prize. One of the hottest trucks in the US is a Grilled Cheese truck. Well actually 2 trucks and who knows when they will add more. Not just grilled cheese but gourmet versions of grilled cheese and even desert grilled sandwiches like marshmallow and chocolate and who knows what else they add to them. There was a Food Truck called Gorilla Cheese at the Distillery that was easily the longest lineup of all the food trucks in attendance. It was so long that I didn't even attempt to get into that line because I knew the food would be gone before the end of the line was. I saw a lot of happy faces eating their assortment of grilled cheese items.

What did I try? Well lets see.... a Ceviche from CAVA.

It was the first thing i had and it was really refreshing on a hot summer day.

I also had a Po Boy mini fish sandwich which also had some very crunchy tasty fried fish balls.

It was so hot that I got some tasty Peppermint Ice tea twice.. It hit the spot.

Hmmm what else did I have? I tried a pot sticker that was pretty good.

What I didn't try that my foodie friend that I met up with and her friend did try was the very popular Maple Bacon doughnut.

They loved it but about 10 minutes later they started to fade and they were done. They both wanted to have a nap after that donut. So they were pretty much done.

But back to the beginning of the day.... I met up with my friend at the entrance and we were waiting for her friend to show up when she glances over at a parked taxi in front of us and asks "who's that in the cab"? so I glance over and see that it's Bob Blumer who I had just seen the day before at the CNE. Now he is gonna think I am stalking him but no I was there first so obviously I didn't know he was going to show up right in front of where I was standing. But I guess us Foodie people like these cool foodie events.

I have to say that all my friends bailed on showing up at this event even the one guy that lives in the Distillery but my foodie friend Joanne was there right along with me. Last year we went to the T & T night market where we ended up standing in line for over an hour for some skewered beef...was it worth it...well I would have to say sort of. It was good but the line was way too long. The same thing applied to some of the food trucks. The lines were so long and one truck even ran out of food an hour before the event was supposed to end. Officially the event was from 11-3pm but I heard that there were people that paid extra to be the first ones to get food before it opened. Wow.. now that should tell people that this is an event that is in demand. It was part 2 and apparently the first one was well attended as well. There will be a part 3 in October that I plan to arrive earlier for so I can get in that Grilled Cheese Truck lineup this time. I hope this becomes a regular event because there seemed to be a huge crowd of foodies and food bloggers in attendance so I am not the only one posting a blog about this event.

I enjoyed the day and hope to see more food trucks roaming our city on a regular basis real soon.

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