Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eaton Centre gets a Food Court Makeover

TheStar The Eaton Centre’s $48-million food court makeover

Just in time for TIFF and the back to school crowd the new Food Court opens at the Eaton Centre on September 1st. Will it deliver on the vast and ever increasing Foodie population that exists in Toronto with diverse and discerning tastes. I know that I am really tired of the same old bad food court fare and am looking forward to seeing what they can deliver with this new makeover.

If it succeeds it will set the trend for other malls to follow their lead and try and out do and one up each time out.

All I know is that after my visit to the Food Truck Festival and the T& T night market last year I know that Torontonians are starved for something new, good and fresh. The food court food that sits around under heat lamps for hours may be a thing of the past.

Bring on new Urban Food or whatever the new trend is.... as long as it's better than what we have seen in the past it will be a welcome change.

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