Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lick's Homeburgers

Lick's Homeburger

Today I had to go drop off my car in the east end of town and didn't have time to eat breakfast so I was starving by lunch time so since I was in the area I went to Lick's for lunch.  I ordered the Homeburger and the Taters n' Cream.

Taters n' Cream

When you are starving there's nothing better than a greasy burger and some fries.  It's Classic.

I started eating at Lick's in the 80's when friends of mine lived a hop skip and a jump away from the Original Lick's in the Beaches in Toronto.   I used to go down to their place for a visit and we would grab some Lick's and head over to the boardwalk and chill out and eat our Lick's.    This goes back to sometime in the 80's,  I am not sure when exactly but I used to drive all the way down to the Beaches when I would have a Lick's craving.   When I started going there it was the only one around.   Fast forward many years later and there are a bunch of Lick's restaurants around town and now they sell their Hamburgers in grocery stores like Walmart and Metro.   But it's not the same for a couple of reasons.   When we used to go there would be a lineup out the door of people waiting for their burgers.   Each Lick's hamburger was handmade with Fresh meat.   Now they are more mass produced and are not as juicy and tasty as they used to be.  Bigger is not always better in the food world.   The other thing that is different is the fact that my friends no longer live in the Beaches.   One lives near Stratford and the other one in Vancouver, so I don't have my Lick's buddies to enjoy my burgers with anymore so the experience of having it isn't quite the same.
You get food memories from certain foods,  whether they are from childhood or celebrations or whatever sensory memory is attached to them.   My sense memory is of having hot off the grill burgers and fresh out of the fryer fries with my friends.   Simple but good.

While I can't bring back my friends I can bring back the memories everytime I eat Taters n' Cream.

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  1. The veggie burger at Licks is pretty good. I've had it a few times. These fries look pretty good!


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