Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sial Canada 2017 New Products galore

The 14th International Food Exhibition, SIAL Canada, and Equipment and Technology, SET Canada, took place at the Enercare Centre in Toronto from May 2 to 4, 2017.

As the country celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, this edition of the show highlighted Canadian know-how, multiculturalism and innovation.

• 1,005 exhibitors and brands from 50 different countries;
• 240,000 square feet of exhibition space;
• 16,578 trade visitors from some 60 countries;
• 32% visitor growth compared to 2015 (last edition of Toronto).

The Sial Canada show is a huge show with so many products as you can see from these stats.  There are so many products that you can't possibly sample all of them in 1 day.  I tried my best to sample as much as I could and focused on all of the new things to me.  I had to skip all of the fantastic cheese in the cheese aisle and the olive oils and some of the meats to have enough room to try everything else.  I skipped the cheese because all of those vendors will be at the Cheese Festival so I will catch them there.  I made the mistake of filling up on cheese the first time I went to Sial and couldn't even try more half way into the booths.  This time I didn't have as much time so I pretty much did speed browsing through the aisles scoping out interesting products.

The Winner of the Sial Innovation award chosen from 10 Innovative products was the Flavoured Sugar cubes pictured above.  Also notable was the Maple Syrup in a tree can with a spout.  With 4 different grades of Maple Syrup they all had slightly different characteristics.  The quality of them is excellent.

There were a few things that I tried that really stood out for me.  The Spokes product of puffed potatoes spoke shaped chips were an addictive substitute for chips.  I wish I could have taken a bag home with me.

Italian Sodas from Bike from Italy in many different flavours,  not exactly new as they are similar to canned products produced by Perrier but the flavours were great and it's nice to have them in bottles. They are super refreshing for those hot summer days.

I thought these mustards by Smak Dab were delicious.  I really liked the horseradish mustard.

One of a few amazing products were these Vegan Ice Creams from Lacreme in Quebec, and they also had fantastic cheesecakes and savoury dips.  They aren't in Toronto but hope to be here soon.

There was lot's of ham, cheese and olive oil for sampling and I only dabbled in a couple of these because I just didn't have the time or the space in my stomach.  

As you can see there were a lot of products on display.  This isn't even all of them but I snapped as many as I could and sampled most of these things. 

Some other notable products were the Fresh is Best Mexican products booth with the freshest guacamole and salsas and multi colored taco shells and chips.  Thank you to the rep for giving me some sample to share with my coworkers at our Mexican Fiesta lunch event.

I tried an interesting dried fruit tea, chocolates, yogurt from Quebec, smoked salmon, mustards, spicy juices, chocolate, coconut milk and packaged meats.   I packed all this in only a couple of hours but I hope to have more time to explore at next years show.

It's taken me a while to write this post because I took so many photos as you can see and I am sorry that I wasn't able to include everyone.

Look for some of these products on your grocery shelves soon.  I know I will be.

Thank you to SIAL CANADA for giving me the opportunity to attend and for organizing such a great show.

I wasn't able to attend the panel discussions but there were some interesting topics including food waste and where things are going in the food industry.

Until next year Sial..  thank you.

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