Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Supper with Syria Event

A  Delicious  Night  of  Food  and  Friendship  in  Support  of  Syrian Refugees  

Toronto,  ON-­  Before  Syria  became  a  place  of  ongoing  war,  and  before  the  iconic  photograph  of  Alan  Kurdi  broke  our  hearts,  there  was  another  Syria,  one  whose  rich  history  and  culture  went  back  thousands  of  years.  
Toronto's  Ward  21  has  a  proud  history  of  welcoming  diverse  communities  into  the  fabric  of  their  neighbourhood.  This  is  an  extraordinary  initiative  organized  by  residents  of  Ward  21  and  other  partners.  SUPPER  WITH  SYRIA  will  provide  Torontonians  the  opportunity  to  raise  funds  to  settle  two  Syrian  families  in  our  community  with  our  partners,  Lifeline  Syria,  through  the  sharing  of  the  warmth  and  richness  of  Syrian  traditions,  culture  and  culinary  delights!   

On  November  29,  we  will  be  hosting  a  fundraising  event  at  the  Artscape  Wychwood  Barns.  It  will  be  a  special  evening  as  Syrian  and  Canadian  chefs  come  together  to  prepare  traditional  Syrian  dishes  and  share  personal  stories  of  home  cooking  and  culinary  traditions  on  opposite  ends  of  the  world.  Be  immersed  in  Syrian  culture  with  live  music,  art,  and  much  more.  

WHEN:  Sunday  November  29th,  2015  4pm-­8pm 

WHERE:  Artscape  Wychwood  Barns  (601  Christie  St,  Toronto,  ON  M6G  4C7) 

WHAT:  Supper  With  Syria-­  Four  Syrian  Chefs  and  Four  non-­Syrian,  Local  Chefs  will  create dishes  inspired  by  the  rich  culinary  history  of  Syria.  The  eight  food  stations  will  create  a roving  environment,  along  with  beverage  stations  specifically-­tailored  to  highlight  Syrian  drinks. Live  Syrian  music,  presentations,  and  a  silent  auction  of  authentic  Syrian  artifacts  will  also  be featured  over  the  course  of  the  evening. 
WHY:  One  of  the  newly-­elected  Liberal  government’s  campaign  promises  was  to  settle  25,000 Syrian  refugees  to  Canada  by  January  1st,  2016.  The  timeline  will  be  difficult,  but  not impossible,  which  is  why  community-­based  initiatives  such  is  ours  is  crucial  in  playing  a  role to  assist  in  the  settlement  process.  

Tickets:  $75  per  person.  Free  to  media.  

****For  more  information,  to  interview  our  chefs  or  organizers,  please  contact:    
Sang  Kim  email:    
Phone  #:  647-­774-­0939  

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