Thursday, December 4, 2014

Second Cup Reimagined for the future

Second Cup Cappuccino
What:  Second Cup Reimagined Launch
Where: 289 King Street West at John Street
Why:  Newly renovated and rebranded Second Cup Coffee Co. cafe.

Second Cup "Reimagined" one of it's downtown Toronto stores with a fresh new Re-Brand and Look and a new way of serving up coffee in a beautiful and bright just renovated spot.

I have been to that Second Cup location in the past since it's across the street from the Bell Lightbox and steps away from Roy Thompson Hall in the Entertainment District on King Street.  The space used to be dark and cramped with not a lot of seating.
photo provided by Second Cup Coffee Co.
When I walked into the cafe,  and I have to say Cafe instead of Coffee Shop because it really feels like an upscale and hip Cafe now.   I was blown away when I walked in.  The space is all white with wood touches and modern coffee bar equipment.

Some of the new changes that are a lot different than the other coffee chains around the city are the new addition of a Slow Bar which takes it's time brewing your coffee in a couple of ways.   There is a Punk Steam and a Pour Over station.   The Punk Steam is a freaky looking 4 beaker water bubbling thing that looks like something in a science lab.  It's meant to brew a full flavour coffee.  While the Pour Over station is a manual process where the Barrista pours water through a (Melitta) style coffee cone and filter into a container underneath.   They control the speed at which it flows through.  Both coffees aren't your sitting on a warming element all day types of coffees.

They are made as you order and will take about 5 minutes to make.  There is a regular faster style of coffee for those on the go but this coffee shop is meant for people that like to sit and relax and recharge themselves and they also have the option to recharge their phones with a genius little built into the coffee bar surrounding the stations where you can attach your phones to a plug in USB style charger while waiting for your coffee instead of cords and searching for power outlets.   This is the best thing I have seen at a cafe in a long time.

Then there is also the art on the walls which is designed to show the independent location with local artists reflecting the community wall.  The take out coffee cups also have a re design from local artists.

The coffee,  it's sourced from the highest quality beans and roasted in small batches and ground as they make your coffee so it's always going to be fresh.

The food,  they have added some interesting and healthy choices like an egg white and spinach breakfast sandwich and an egg and sundried tomato sandwich that I really loved.   There is also granola, oatmeal, muffins, scones and other menu items.

The coolest thing that I noticed when I first got there was the Milk on Tap near the entrance and beside the sugars and lids etc.  No more milk cartons.  This was a brass tap with a white labelled handle.  So beautiful and I hope keeps things a lot cleaner.   There is only a couple of things a couple of people mentioned to me,  they forgot to add lactose free and nut milks like almond or soy milk etc.  Hopefully that will change as people request it.

The seating, you have a choice to sit at the bar or in very comfortable semi booth like seating.

The cafe opens to the Public with a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon on December 5th, 2014 and they will be giving out free coffees all afternoon.

Don't be surprised if you see me hanging out there during some big film festival that happens around there.
photo provided by Second Cup

For more information check out their website at

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