Monday, May 19, 2014

Food Revolution Day Toronto 2014 Part 2

I hosted 2 Food Revolution Day events this year.  The first event was an Italian Cooking Workshop that you can read about in a previous post to this one.  My second Food Revolution Day Event was a Potluck Challenge Dinner Party with friends at my home.  I hosted this event on the actual Food Revolution Day on May 16th and decide to make Jamie Oliver's Rainbow Salad Wraps as the main food of the Potluck so that everyone attending could participate by contributing an ingredient for the recipe and also getting hands on and getting their hands on the graters and grating all the vegetables for the salad.  I planned the Potluck after speaking with the people from Sobey's who had assisted me with my Italian Cooking workshop and were trying to encourage people to host or attend a Potluck dinner during the week of Food Revolution Day to coincide with the the Food Revolution Day Events.  Sobey's is one of the Jamie Oliver Foundation sponsors and are very supportive of all of the events that everyone is doing in Toronto.  

Canadians from coast to coast are invited to cook and share a meal together with family and friends. When participants share a post or photo of their potluck on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #PotluckChallenge and #FRD2014, Sobeys will donate $1 to the Children's Aid Foundation's Cooking Toward Independence Project, up to a maximum of $25,000.

For the Potluck Challenge I challenged my friends to bring one of the ingredients from Jamie Oliver's Rainbow Salad Wrap.  I chose this recipe because it's the recipe that he was using to teach kids around the world to make in a massive online class that he was doing to try and break a Guinness World Record for teaching the most amount of students and kids around the world to make.   Since it was meant to teach kids I thought it was a good recipe to use to keep things simple, easy and hands on.  Although a bit on the messy side it didn't need a lot of fancy tools.  I could have used a bigger table though.   I wanted to get everyone grating at the same time but I didn't have enough graters or space to line everyone up.  If the weather was warmer it would have been a great thing to make outside on a big picnic table.   Everyone had their hands in on the making of the salad part for the wrap and then when it was all mixed up we all rolled up our own wraps.  Super healthy vitamin packed wraps.  Since it was a dinner party we also had some of Jamie Oliver's Gangnham style chicken wings; the recipe was from Jamie's Save with Jamie cookbook.  I have made them before and they are super easy and really pack a punch of flavour.  We lost the healthy part a bit when we got to dessert though.   Since my Cheery Amaretto parfait was a hit at my cooking workshop I decided to do it again for the Potluck.   I made so much of it though and we also had Chocolate Covered Strawberries that my Joanne made and my friend Adam brought a small birthday cake for my belated birthday since I was teaching my workshop on my actual Birthday.  Talk about chocolate overload, but that wasn't all....  I also decided to use the leftover ricotta that I had made to experiment and make some chocolate chip Cannoli's.  I had the cannoli shells and just made the filling.   Well the important part was to cook it from scratch and share with friends and that's what we did.  And we tweeted away as many photos as we could.  It's hard to tweet and eat but I managed to snap a few shots as you can see.  We ate very well that night.

One of my lucky friends Cliff Fernandes won a a special raffle prize draw for a surprise Gift Box from
Amazing Clubs Canada.

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  1. Yet another successful event with good food and of course learning about nutrition and making your own food.


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