Sunday, November 17, 2013

Restaurant Review: Patois Jamaican Restaurant

A friend suggested that I check out a Jamaican Restaurant called Patois Jamaican Restaurant in the Pickering area.  He wanted to know what I thought about the place and the food so for his benefit and yours if you happen to be in the Kingston Rd. Hwy 2 area you will know what this place is all about.

On a beautiful saturday afternoon we ventured on the 401 East to Hwy 2 and stopped into Patois where I took in the whole experience.  The restaurant bills itself as more of an upscale Jamaican food dining experience but they do have Take Out available.  The restaurant has been open for about a year but the owner's are looking into some improvements and building their business and doing outside events.

They are currently working on a new website which I think has probably limited their reach by not having one over the past year.  They do have a Twitter @patoisJA account, facebook and Instagram (@patoisjamaican).

The first impression I had of the restaurant when I walked in was that it was very sparse or as one might say minimalist.   There are black tables and black chairs close to the large windows and against the opposite wall is a long banquette.  The space is very bright due to the fact that it is mostly windows without full window coverings.   There is an excellent painted face in the corner of the restaurant that was painted by the owner.  A talent that should be showcased more in the restaurant.

The menu consisted of the usual Jamaican standards like Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Patties, Ackee and Salt fish and Oxtail.   I decided to try the Coconut Shrimp and you have a choice to get it with rice or Provisions,  I asked what that consisted of and was told it was yams, and dumplings.  I assumed it was like fried dumplings etc.  As it turned out it was just boiled yams, banana and dumpling.  I would recommend getting it with rice instead to soak up the delicious coconut curry sauce that is poured on the shrimps.  The provisions are just boiled and very bland and meant to sop up the sauce but they were a bit hard to eat.    My friend ordered the Ackee and salt fish.  I tried a forkful of it and enjoyed the taste of it.  It was full of flavour.

The food is a bit more upscale and presented a little nicer than the Ritz Restaurant chain but I think they should expand their menu a bit to stand apart from other Jamaican Restaurants in Toronto and the GTA.  

They are a work in progress and plan to make changes to the interior and hopefully will add on some new things to their menu soon as they are planning on developing a catering menu.

I would like to see more touches made in the dining room and they said they were going to work on a few decor changes.

The place is owned and run by a husband and wife team who are the chefs while they have a young girl manning the counter.

Just an FYI... don't expect fast food service times. The wait was a little long but I hope they improve  once they get into a groove.
I will revisit the restaurant when they make the changes and will do a follow up post.

The restaurant seems to be building a regular clientele so it can only get better for them once they reach out to more people through social media.

If you like Jamaican food then check it out.  The prices for an entree were approx. $12 although my dish was $15 with tax for the provisions.  Try the rice and peas, they were very good.

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