Monday, March 11, 2013

Food Revolution Day - Toronto 2013

This past week myself and a small group of dedicated Food Revolution Day Ambassadors from the GTA got together for a meeting to make plans for Food Revolution Day 2013 in Toronto and Vaughan.   Although Vaughan already has plans in the work, but the Toronto Team are just getting things organized.  We met for a casual and healthy dinner that we all contributed to.   I made the No Knead Bread recipe that seems to be super popular these days.  It came out perfect and we all enjoyed it with our Vegetarian Chili, Bean Salad and Olive bites.
And Adell brought her new cookie creations for us to sample.

This is our Second Year planning Food Revolution Day in Toronto a Global Initiative created by Chef Jamie Oliver's Foundation to be an ongoing project to get people around the world inspired to cook REAL FOOD at home and to eat healthier foods.

We have a few things already planned in different stages.  There is a community program in the works, a hands on cooking class and information for kids and their parents, a cooking class and I am trying to work on creating a family friendly event if all goes well.  Waiting to see if it gets confirmed.

We want to inspire you and everyone you know to join us and participate in FOOD REVOLUTION DAY 2013 on MAY 17th,
It's an ALL DAY Global event of small dinner parties to big events.  If you want to participate or to join us in some way you can find out more information from the official Food Revolution Day website where events will start to get posted soon.

I hope that you can attend one of our events or be inspired to have a dinner party or even take a cooking class on that day or even visit a farmer's market.  The main thing we want you to do is SHARE and think about REAL FOOD.

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