Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day - A Day of Chocolate

Today is VALENTINE"S DAY the day when all the people in Love in the World get special attention.  Their partners take them out for a romantic dinner or cook a rare dinner at home or shower them with Chocolates.    

Well what about all the Single people?  What do they do?  Well most stay away from the Over Priced Lover Centric Restaurants and either opt for Pizza Take out or some sort of quick meal.

Maybe there should be a Special Day for Singles. How about Single Day where all the restaurants only serve single people or make special Prix Fixe Meals for Single people.  
Why doesn't anyone do that?  Valentine's Day is one of the most depressing day of the year for people that are single but don't want to be.   They are reminded over and over again that they are single by every station on TV and radio the week of Valentine's Day.   Every retail store and restaurant have special items or menus just for couples to throw their money on to show their partners how much they love them.

Single people are special too,  they just don't have anyone to shout it out to the world.  

Some ideas for Singles on Valentine's Day.

1.  I am single and one of my friends is a Gay man who got married a couple of years ago and has started a new tradition of inviting me and a few of his single friends and his mom over for a Valentine's Dinner.   You don't have to be Gay to host a party but take the idea and have a party with your single friends and have some fun.

2.  Make your own special dinner at home and make everything you would have made for a partner if you had one.   If you have any leftovers just have them the next day or freeze them for a day when you aren't feeling so special.

3.  By your own chocolate gifts and enjoy them guilt free.

4.  Go Shopping for a great outfit that makes you look great.

5.  Watch a great movie on Netflix or Itunes.  A Rom-Com maybe?

6.  Not my favourite thing but do some exercise if that's your thing.

7.  Book a day at the Spa.  Did you know that you can get chocolate Spa Treatments and body wraps?

8.  My favourite thing is ..... make a batch of chocolate fondue and get some fresh fruits like strawberries and other sweet dippers and dip away.

9.   Call a single, divorced or widowed friend long distance and chat the night away.

10.  Or the last idea that some of you might think is the greatest.  Catch up on some SLEEP.  Wake up the next day and start the day over without the constant reminder that you are supposed to buy into the hype of Valentine's Day.

or if you are a LOVER then you know what to do.

My recipe and prescription for Valentine's Day -
Chocolate Fondue.

Melt chocolate with a little bit of butter and some great brandy or kahlua until it's shiny and smooth.   Pour into a fondue pot and dip some fresh Organic Strawberries into it and enjoy.

Whether you are Single or not you are Still Special and deserve some Yummy Chocolate.

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