Sunday, January 13, 2013

Real Food Cold Cures

If you don't like to shop or cook and eat out all the time so never think about what happens when you can't?  Well what if you live alone and nobody lives anywhere near you?  You need to plan for those days where you might not be able to go to the drugstore or family doctor for a quick fix.   That's where the Real Food Home Cures comes in.

If you are going to keep the bare minimum in your house at all times I would suggest these things.  If you get sick and can only muster boiling water and plopping some stuff in a cup or a bowl then these things will keep you going.

1. Water.. most important thing for survival.
2.  Honey
3.  Lemons
4.  Green Tea
5.  Ginger - I have crystallized ginger... lasts a while.

Cold and Cough Cure which I am currently doing myself.

Boil water, in a cup add a teaspoon of honey, the bag of green tea, one piece of ginger and squeeze an eighth of a lemon.   Add boiling water to the cup and let the bag steep for a couple of minutes then remove.  Stir the ginger and honey and lemon and remove the bag.   Now you have a cough and cold cure with not a whole lot of effort hopefully.

The 2nd Food Cure is Homemade Chicken Soup.

This is where you plan ahead and either buy some chicken soup that you can freeze or make a batch of chicken soup after you roast a chicken and already have the leftover bones on hand.   I try and do the leftover bones method.   Try and always have Chicken Soup in your freezer because you never know when you might need chicken broth for a recipe or you get sick and don't have the energy to make a whole fresh pot.

Chicken Soup is also called Jewish Penicillin and it works without side effects.

These are my tried and true take care of yourself cause you don't want to go to a doctor unless something is totally broken.   These 2 things kept me away from doctors my whole life.  If I so much as sniffled my mother would want to drown me in tea or chicken soup.  She didn't use ginger or green tea but that's my modern kicked up health boosting version.   Ginger is an antiseptic.  Look it up.  Really.  And Honey coats the back of the throat to line it and protect it from coughing irritation.  Yes, Really.

So do as your momma would have done and make sure you have your Tea and Chicken Soup at the ready.   It's better than a Gun which won't help you if you get sick.

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  1. I boil fresh ginger and drink the tea. It's amazing stuff! Eating raw garlic is also great. Slather some butter on bread and crush a raw clove of garlic. Spread it onto the bread and enjoy with a sprinkle of kosher salt. So good!!


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