Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food Truck Eats #3 -Grilled Cheese line

Last night part 3 of Food Truck Eats happened at the Distillery. So I decided to start my Nuit Blanche night out there with some food first, check out a couple of installations and meet up with friends and then head to the downtown core. It took a little longer than planned. The last time I went to food truck eats I wanted to try the grilled cheese truck but the line up was so long that I had to skip it. So we decided to wait in line this time. It took over an hour of waiting to finally get some grilled cheese for $6. I got the Lumberjack which was bacon, apple, cheddar cheese and I think something else but can't remember. It was good but was it worth standing in line for an hour? Not too sure. My friend kept ranting that it was "Grilled Cheese" and we were waiting in line. My thought was that this is obviously an in demand thing and these food trucks should be able to park around town just like the crappy street meat carts. Street meat carts are always the same thing. Very boring and very limited and not so healthy either. You would think that our mayor Ford would be happy to have more food around given his love of food but I am guessing he isn't what you would call a Foodie. Personally I think it would be a great idea to have Food Trucks parked around big empty parking lots late at night for people coming out of the bars. Think it would be good for the economy and might be a better thing to let these kids loose and have some greasy food to soak up their alcohol fuelled nights. Just my thought. I doubt our Mayor would agree with me but I think it would be great for the City of Toronto and Tourism. Tourists and shift workers could go out and grab a bit anytime they are hungry without having to be limited to the 24hr donut shops. Don't you think that would be a better idea?

This is the Grilled Cheese Truck without the line up after they sold out and the 1 hour wait Lumberjack Grilled Cheese.

I started out my night at the Distillery and left my car there so I had to return to pick up my car at the end of my night and we stopped back over at the Food Truck area at about 2:30am only to find that most of the trucks and tables had already sold out or were packing up. The Food truck Eats was supposed to run from 8pm to 5am. In my opinion it should have started from 5pm and just ended at 2pm. I am sure some of the vendors were happy to sell out early and pack up. I am also sure that it was an exhausting night for them as most of them had long line ups. To me that just demonstrates how popular these food trucks have become.

Now on the other hand some of the food like Grilled Cheese can be made simply at home... as an example I decided to make some grilled cheese this morning. My Eh! I can do it quicker Grilled Cheese!. It took me all of about 5 or so minutes. I used some caramelized onion compote smeared on the inside of the bread and a few slices of gala apples and some Tallegio cheese and slathered some butter on the outer sides of the french bread I already had at home. Slap it in a medium pan and cook for a couple of min. on both sides and Voila! Grilled lineup..

how does my version look?

So what's my point? Well.. it's nice to have options. You can do some of these things yourself with a little bit of effort and you should also be able to get out and about with your friends and have some quick cheap food other than hot dogs as you are out and about at events around town on the weekends.

Food should be accessible no matter where or what you have. Bring on the Food Trucks and when you are home break out the frying pans and get inspired from those same food trucks.

Whatever you do enjoy whatever food you do eat wherever you eat it.

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  1. Great post Linda!! Your own grilled cheese sandwich creation, looks and sounds just as good, if not better than Gorilla's. They must have made a killing last night with those long line-ups. Mind you it isn't an easy task standing for 6 hours straight making grilled sandwiches in the cold. Working with food isn't glamourous but the end result makes it look that way.


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