Sunday, May 7, 2023

We are Guardians - How to save the planet


Puyr Tembe with her team of Forest Guardians


Directed by Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman
Running Time: 82 Minutes

Watching this Hot Docs documentary on a rainy Sunday in Toronto makes you realize how important rain and water are to life.

There is a disconnect between the Amazon rain forest and the people that make decisions as to what will happen with it.  The people making the decisions are not the ones that have to survive in it or from it.

"WE ARE GUARDIANS"  is a complicated look at the layers of political wars going on between different levels of people with a stake in what happens in the Amazon.

This is a lush visually stunning film and at the same time it's brutal in the story of it's destruction.

The Indigenous people of the Amazon are not only fighting for their rights but they are fighting for the survival of their people and the future of the planet.   The destruction of the Amazon not only hurts the people of Brazil it also holds the keys to the effects of Climate change around the world.  The Rainforest is a delicate balance of water, earth, air, trees and animals.  They are all necessary for everyone's survival.

The Politicians look the other way to get votes and money while the Forest is stripped and burned.  The Indigenous people try and fight for their land while illegal loggers find it necessary to do clear the trees and justify their need to feed their families off the land because they have no other way to survive.

Illegal logger Valdir removes trees from an undisclosed Indigenous territory

It's a very sad look deep inside on the ground of the constant battles that go on deep inside the forests. 

The problem is the laws and minds need to change for the land to regenerate and become sustainable in the future.

There is hope though with some of the Indigenous people entering into the world of politics to make the changes from the inside.   The next step would be to change the minds of the Big Farm producers, Paper mills, and Mining operations to work with the people to find a way to make money without destroying the planet.

This is not an Amazon problem it's a World Problem.

If you want to find out more and see if you can help please go to their website:

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