Saturday, September 24, 2016

Le Baratin - brings France to Dundas West


Address1600 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1T8  
Phone(416) 534-8800

Normally when I have a plus 1 that I can bring to an event I usually bring one of my blogger buddies like my friend Shuang (the teleporta) but this time the tables were reversed.  Shuang had been invited to go to Le Baratin on Dundas Street West to do a review on her blog and she was able to bring a guest so she invited me so that I could also write a review.  I don't know if what I would call my blog posts a review but more of an overview of a particular restaurant.  Either way, normally I am on top of these things and like to post within a couple of days after attending a restaurant or event but this time TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival) took over my life for a couple of weeks so I am finally getting the time now to sit down and write this post properly.
Le Baratin has French/African native Chef Jean Regis in the kitchen creating classic French Bistro dishes with his spin on them.  He has worked all over the world in very prestigious restaurants including Toronto's own Le Paradis.  He runs a small almost open kitchen as you can see from this photo.  The menu is small but efficient to be able to produce dishes in the space it is in.  They wanted to create a destination restaurant for people that were seeking French Bistro food in a nice cozy neighbourhood space.  It is a destination place for me because it isn't near anything I normally do.  it's not near work, home, entertainment centres or shopping centres.  It's near where there are other businesses and people who have lived in the area for probably a long time.  It is right on Dundas so it's streetcar accessible but you do have to decide to go there or maybe walk by to know it's there.  it's a bit of a hidden secret that only neighbourhood people and bloggers seem to know about.  So I am kind of letting the secret out of the bag.
Chef Jean Regis
After we were greeted by the Chef and the Owner we decided on our menu.

We started with the Charcuterie platter with amazing house made pate and duck rillettes and good quality salami. ($14)
We also shared the house made Gravlax with radish and toast. ($10)
For the main I ordered the Steak Frites, it was topped with a shallot peppercorn sauce which was probably my favourite part. ($20)
Shuang ordered the Confit du Canard, a duck leg with roasted potatoes.  Her potatoes were great.
For dessert I chose the Mousse au Chocolat because that was my favourite thing that my mom made and she would make it for me instead of a birthday cake sometimes.  This one was really good.  Not exactly like my mom's but pretty darn close.  My mom lived in Paris and Belgium so she knows a thing about chocolate.  ($7)
Shuang's dessert was the Tarte Tatin ($8).  It's not pictured because the photo in the restaurant lighting on a similar colored table didn't do it justice.  I had a spoonful of it and it was like a warm apple cinnamon compote.  The kind of dessert you crave in the cooler weather.  

Assiette de Chercuterie
Steak Frites
Confit du Canard
Mousse au Chocolat
 The Space has a really homey feeling and very cozy.  There are a few red chairs outside of the restaurant but if they had the usual French Cafe Chairs out front you would think you stepped into a Bistro in Paris.  You don't have to spend a fortune to get French Food in Toronto or travel miles away to get a great French Meal.  I know that one of my blogger friends went there for her wedding Anniversary and I would say it's a great place for an Anniversary, a first date or to catch up with a good friend.  You can have a great conversation, be well treated and enjoy a fantastic meal without breaking the bank.  Hope you go and check it out soon.  Don't forget to mention that I sent you.
I am sure that will make them very happy.


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